Wing Foil Rentals in Turks and Caicos

Already an independent rider? Renting from us will save you time at the airport and allow you to enjoy more of your trip. We have carefully selected North and Slingshot wings, foils and boards for you to enjoy on da water. ONDA has the most comprehensive selection of wing foil equipment in the Turks and Caicos. Come ride with us!

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    Daily And Weekly Discounts

    Discounted rates available for daily and weekly rentals. For longer durations contact us

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    Top Of The Line Equipment

    We have tested and selected the best equipment so you can enjoy the ride!

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    Gear Exchange

    We will match the equipment to suit the weather and your ability


$75/ hour
  • 2.8m to 7.5m wings available
  • Leash and pump included
  • Change sizes as needed

Complete Package

Wing, Board and Foil Rental
$120/ hour
  • Everything you need to get riding
  • Supervision Available

Board & Foil

$90/ hour
  • 35L to 140L boards available
  • Beginner to advanced foils
  • Change sizes as needed


Which wing size is best?

Typical wind in the Turks and Caicos is 15-20 knots and very stable. We have found that using an undersized wing leads to certain frustration. 5 and 6 meter wings are the most commonly used sizes. If conditions change, our rental program allows for you to swap the wing size to suite your needs.

What size board should I ride?

To calculate the size of board required depends on rider weight and skill level.

For beginners, take your body weight (kgs) and add 30-40. This gives you the volume of board you should start with.
example: 70kg rider + 30 = 100L board

As you advance you will be able to size down as required.

What size mast for Long Bay?

You will find local riders using 75cm masts. This will allow you to explore all of Long Bay during high tide. During low tide you will have to launch from this location, which is also safe for 75cm+ mast in all tides.

12% government tax & 4% credit card fee will be added to all services